About Katheryn Shurley

Katheryn Shurley has 13 years of experience working with children in educational and supervisory settings. Her career started as a teacher’s aide at Victory Christian School in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she helped the teacher with discipline and activities and occasionally substituted for the kindergarten, first-, and second-grade classes. She stayed in this job from 1997 to 1999, at which time she began working as a nanny in San Angelo, Texas. While holding this position, she drove three boys to appointments and engaged them in physical, cognitive, and motor-skill developing activities. Katheryn Shurley worked in this job through May 2007.

In January 2008, Katheryn Shurley took employment with Austin Elementary in San Angelo, Texas, as a student teacher and was assigned to a second-grade classroom, as well as a fifth-grade special education classroom. During her time at Austin Elementary, Katheryn Shurley learned classroom management techniques and developed ways to create a cooperative teaching environment across the curriculum. In her special education class, she helped tutor in math and developed reading groups. She also designed class activities that worked in accordance with the Herman Method, a comprehensive method of teaching reading and writing skills that has been successfully implemented in classrooms in the United States for over 25 years.

Most recently, Katheryn Shurley was employed as a Kindergarten Inclusion Teacher at Meadowbrook Elementary in Waco, Texas. There, she provided supplemental activities in the areas of math and language arts in order to help meet the school’s learning objectives. Her efforts in this role earned her the Silver Universal Literacy Award in 2009. Katheryn Shurley holds both Generalist EC-4 and Special Education EC-12 certifications.


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